How To Control Home Lighting With Android /Ios Mobile phone Application ujash.g.patel.

Recently I am trying to do experiment with wireless communication. one of the easy way to control home lighting is radio frequency module and 2 Arduino board . but there is a one other easy option available to control on and off action of ac device . it’s a Bluetooth shield . here in this tutorial we are going to learn how to control on and off action of ac bulb with Redbearlab Bluetooth low power shield v 2.0 . and android /ios application.

Part to be required
1.       Arduino board(uno or arduino mega).
2.       Android or ios device.
3.       Standard library of redbearlab.
4.       Relay board.

Arduino board

Complete introduction of arduino is given on . if you don’t know anything about arduino and its programming just download free e book here

Relay board

Output of arduino is generally 5v dc .  for controlling ac bulb we have to control on and off action of relay board . we can also make a realy circuit but standard channel realy board is available at market so you can buy from below link..

Blutooth shield

You can buy it from many website . here I give link of amazon . 

Download standard library

download arduino ide  from (1.0.5)

how to add library to arduino ide ?

open the download folder .

open example /Rbl / ble controller sketch ..and compile.
  • iOS BLE Controller App 


  • Android BLE Controller App 

  •   connect the arduino with shield

upload the program to arduino board .

turn on wi-fi and Bluetooth and open BLE controller  application . from that you can able to control on and off action and pwm of any pin . now connect relay board with arduino and control ac bulb. enjoy. 

visit - (know more about BLE 2.0 shield).